Did you know, that during the winter, however much the sun shines, you are simply not going to absorb any vitamin D.

So it’s really important to know what your levels are for your own health needs. Because although there are many signs and symptoms such as bone and joint pain, anxiety, low mood, low energy, weight gain and poor immune health, but many people have no signs or symptoms for months.


There are a few signs and symptoms that you can look out for:

Do you struggle to have enough energy to keep you going all day?

Do you suffer with bone or back pain?

Are you struggling with weight loss?

Do you ever suffer from low mood in the winter?

Do you constantly feel run down, or feel lack lustre and have poor energy levels?

If yes, then you should be looking to test your vitamin D levels.

So before you run down to your local supermarket or health shop to grab a packet of vitamin D3, there are a few things to consider, as this can be a waste of money if you have no idea where your current levels are.


You need to test and take an appropriate amount of vitamin D this winter- for your own health needs.


By having a vitamin D check with me you can:

1. Test your current levels

2. Receive advice on how to supplement based on your health needs

3. Get a specific supplement recommendation for the autumn/ winter