Curb® FAQ

Curb is designed to help you take control of your eating habits and to reduce your food intake. It does this by:

  • increasing the hormone GLP-1 which helps regulate your appetite especially after eating, by slowing down the emptying of your stomach. It also helps control glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. 
  • reducing levels of Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, keeping you fuller for longer
  • helping you make healthier food choices by reducing cravings
  • increasing your metabolism to help fat burning

Through experience, we have found the best way to take Curb is one capsule with a small glass of water, ideally 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch and if needed before dinner. If you forget to take your capsule before a meal, the important point is to take it anyway as it will support you later on in the day.

Studies show to see significant weight loss Curb needs to be taken consistently for a minimum of 45 days

Please Note: The standard Curb supply is intended to last up to 30 days when taking 2 capsules per day. If you take 3 capsules per day, your supply will last less than 30 days.

Curb® is made from natural ingredients with no side effects, meaning you can continue to take Curb® for as long as you need to support your weight loss goals. A healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is considered to be 1- 2lbs per week, depending on your calorie intake and how active you are.

Once you have reached this goal, you can safely continue taking Curb® to help maintain your weight loss or you can choose to stop. Should you find that you begin to put on weight, you can simply start taking Curb® again until you are confident you are back in control. 

Curb® can help you manage how much you eat but what you eat is also very important. Avoid eating processed foods that contain high amounts of salt and hydrogenated fats. Eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables daily. Understand your fats – the wrong fats will pile on the weight while healthy fats can help prevent disease. And fill up on fibre to make you feel full without piling on the calories. Remember, protein and healthy fats create satiety, whereas eating carbohydrates on their own will increase hunger and cause energy slumps.

Please refer to our complementary Weight Loss Guide with your first purchase for further support.

As a nutritional therapy practice, we offer personalised nutrition and weight loss programmes. For further help book a free 20 minute consultation.  

As a food supplement containing 3 natural plant extracts, plus vitamins, Curb® has a strong safety record with no known side effects reported in its principal trials. 

One serving of Curb® does contain 31.5 mg of caffeine which is naturally contained in Guarana and Yerba Mate extracts.  The caffeine content is equivalent to about a cup of Green tea. So, if you are sensitive to caffeine or suffer adverse effects, we suggest you cut down on other caffeinated drinks.

In the unlikely event that you feel ill or suffer adverse effects whilst taking Curb®, you should stop taking your capsules immediately. Similarly, if your symptoms are serious or persist, consult your doctor.

Usually a few days,  but this can vary. You are more likely to ‘feel fuller’ to start with rather than feeing less hungry. Very occasionally, we have found over the first few days of taking Curb, due to the increased metabolism, you may feel a little hungrier but this will subside as your hunger and satiety hormones adjust.

YGD is the acronym for Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana the three main ingredients found in Curb along with B3 and B6 vitamins. Curb® is the brand name.

We would not recommend people with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. As stated on the packet, we would always recommend consulting your GP if you have any concerns with interactions.

Yes, you can in moderation but as alcohol is a source of calories devoid of nutrients, we do recommend that you limit your intake. Drinking too much will not only contribute to weight gain but it’ll also lower your inhibitions around eating and can affect the food choices you make. 

To achieve the best results from Curb, we recommend that you take the full recommended dose. Because it’s designed to offer increased satiety, missing the odd dose could slow down your rate of weight loss. 

While you do not have to do exercise to see results with Curb, exercise has been proven to assist with long-term weight loss. Exercise is an important part of any weight loss programme as it helps to increase metabolism and burn more calories over the course of a day.

Exercise is also essential for helping to prevent life threatening illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

By making even the simplest of adjustments to your daily lifestyle, you can increase your energy consumption and burn more calories. Try taking the stairs instead of a lift, leave your car at home and walk to the shops, or incorporate a 30-minute walk into your lunch break.

Try to make time in your week to include structured sessions too, such as swimming with the family at the weekend, trying a new exercise class with a friend or hiring a bike with your other half. 

Yes. Curb is 100% herbal formulation. 

To our knowledge, Curb® does not interact with any medicines.

There is no reason why people with diabetes cannot take Curb. However, we do advise that anyone with diabetes consults with a Registered Nutritionist before trying Curb.

If you need further advice, please get in touch with us.  

As a natural food supplement, Curb can safely be taken with oral contraceptives without interfering with their effectiveness.

We do not recommend taking Curb whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

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