Women’s hormone health package


Women’s hormone health package

Please see menopause for specific support on your menopause journey

If you think about our bodies as types of car engines, the female body would be a Ferrari compared to the male body, which is more like a Ford Escort…sorry guys!

What this means for the ladies, is that there’s a lot more to go wrong and rebalance. From polycystic ovaries to PMS and fertility issues…not to mention debilitating conditions such as endometriosis.

All these can affect our moods, coping strategies, energy levels, weight and everyday life.  Through diet and lifestyle there are many options for improving hormonal imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, acne, fertility problems and more.

So how do you know if this is the right package for you?

Start by asking yourself these questions…

  • Do you seem to react to every hormonal form of contraceptive?

  • Are you struggling with bad skin and excessive hair growth in all the wrong places?

  • Are you struggling to get pregnant even though your test results say there are no issues?

  • Are you suffering with endometriosis and don’t want to have surgery?

Women's hormone health package
Women's hormone health package


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common hormonal disorders that we see in women. It is closely associated with infertility issues affecting many women of childbearing age.  Symptoms include weight gain, excessive hair growth, irregular periods, acne and fertility issues. PCOS sufferers are at a higher risk of diabetes, anxiety and mood swings, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease. You do not have to have cysts on your ovaries to have PCOS and like wise, cysts on your ovaries doesn’t mean that you have PCOS.

However, with the right nutrition, lifestyle and wellness plan, there are many ways to support PCOS sufferers with their symptoms.

How I can help my clients with their hormones:

(Short term, and longer term plans available)

  • Nutrition and dietary changes to improve symptoms and decrease symptoms
  • Gain an understanding of what their underlying causes are
  • Help to implement habit changes and support through the transition to their new lifestyle and diet
  • Prescribe optional supplements
  • Help implement lifestyle modifications
  • Test interpretation if you decide to undertake further testing

Optional Testing:


Dutch Testing, Blood testing to look at inflammatory markers, cortisol profiles, lipid profiles, thyroid profile, vitamin and mineral status, HbA1C and Glucose and GI Microbiome Testing

Client testimonial:

“At the beginning of lockdown I started to develop really bad skin, seemingly out of nowhere. I was not a ‘spotty teenager’ and acne never ran in my family. Dare I say it, I had never even had a spot. My ‘spots’ went from bad to worse, and turned into chronic cystic acne. Although I quickly came off the pill and tried all the elimination diets, nothing was touching the sides. During this time I was also suffering from severe gut issues and never linked the two. I actually lost two stone without going on any kind of diet but convinced myself that stress was the cause. 

My GP had no answers and a private dermatologist could only suggest roaccutane which I tried for a month but the side effects were awful and the cysts kept coming.  I got in touch with Jane and I was in a really desperate way by this point. We overhauled my diet and lifestyle, I took a GI microbiome test and a hormone test which got to the root cause of my issues immediately. I would have suffered for years if I hadn’t met Jane and I feel totally indebted to her for her patience, knowledge and skill.”


Do you offer functional tests and blood test?

Yes I am trained to interpret and work with many different private accredited testing companies. I will only recommend appropriate functional tests if they are going to help us gain important and relevant information about your underlying health symptoms. I don’t use tests that are notoriously inaccurate or not scientifically backed such as food intolerance tests. As part of my packages, I am happy to review any test results that you already have during your consultations.

Why would you recommend doing a Gastrointestinal Microbiome Test?

Although this can feel like a huge investment, GI microbiome testing allows us to find the root cause to your digestive issues immediately and means that I can interpret and guide you through your results and offer you personalised and targeted interventions in a shorter period of time to address your symptoms without guessing what the underlying issues might be and following more generic protocols. This can save you money and time and prolonged symptoms.

What’s the difference between Private Testing versus GP Stool Testing?

Your NHS or Private GP may also have carried out a stool test with you but these tests are focused on more acute situations such as acute food poisoning pathogens or looking for inflammation or cancer markers. These acute stool tests offered by GP’s do not look at markers associated with chronic disease or overall health, immune makers, digestive health or commensal bacteria. By having a GI EcologiX test, alongside a full health history will allow you help and advice on how best to modify your nutrition, lifestyle and other factors to improve your symptoms.

What information will I get from a gut microbiome test?

The GI EcologiX test covers markers related to digestive capacity, inflammation, bile flow, immune function so related to skin or oral health. There are safety markers such as Calprotectin, and FIT (Occult Blood) and also whether there are healthy amounts of specific bacterias, parasites or fungal microbes..

What Gut tests do you use?

There are several companies I can use but my preference is the GI EcologiX Microbiome Test by Invivo Diagnostics, who are CQC-approved, B Corp-certified, and a UK based microbiome laboratory that only works with trained practitioners.

Can children have a gut test?

Yes! Over the age of 2 ideally so that the microbiome is fully formed.

How do I get started?

Simply click here to book a free 20 minute chat. This consultation is designed to discuss your health concerns and goals, and gives you the opportunity to speak to me first so we can both make sure that this programme is the correct fit for you.

How long is the programme?

This package is available for either 6, 12 or 16 weeks dependent on the severity of your symptoms and any other health issues you want to cover.

Functional testing: Typically clients choose to take an additional GI EcologiX test when working through gut issues on this programme, it is not essential but is a very good tool to understand what maybe causing your symptoms. If you believe you need functional testing please get in touch so that we can find out what the best test is for your symptoms.

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