Metabolic health package

This programme is for those who have been diagnosed up to three or more of the following conditions and would like to reverse / improve these conditions.

• Is your waist circumference more than 35inches as a female or 40 inches as a male?

• Have you been told that you have non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) disease?

• Are you suffering with gallstones, sludge or issues digesting fatty foods?

• Have you been told that you have high triglycerides and cholesterol are too high and you need to go on statins?

• Do you suffer with high blood pressure and are worried about the amount of medications you are on or might be put on?

• Have you been diagnosed insulin resistance prediabetic or Type 2 diabetic?

What is included in the Metabolic Health Support Package?

My goal is to build a framework of principles that will work for you to improve your health and symptoms long term.

  • 75 minutes initial consultation held over zoom to review your symptoms, goals, and detailed review of your health history, any test results, symptom onset, current diet and lifestyle, so that we can work out the best plan and approach to help you improve your symptoms and reach your health goals.
  • Bi-weekly follow-up sessions on zoom, where we can catch up, discuss your progress and make adjustments to your plan going forward. We will review your food and lifestyle journal and give you more food or recipe recommendations to keep you motivated.
  • A comprehensive personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to support improve your health conditions. We will roll this out at over the course of your plan.
  • Personalised Meal Plans, recipe packs and food lists specifically designed to support you improve your health issues and to suit your tastes and lifestyle commitments. (this includes dairy free, plant based or omnivore)
  • An understanding of what may have caused your symptoms and how to prevent further symptoms reoccurring in the future
  •  A personalised supplement prescription, updated as we work together if required to support improve your symptoms whilst we work on your diet
  • Access to practitioner only supplements when applicable use of my practitioner discount
  • Functional testing recommendations if required and interpretation of results and analysis of any existing tests results that you may have
  • Access to my online client portal where you will be able to access your plan, handouts and keep food and lifestyle journals through an easy to use app. You will also be able to ask questions between appointments through the app and receive feedback on journals

“Jane’s program has been life changing for me. I feel physically and mentally stronger, happier and take pride in my new appearance after losing 10 kilograms and I am in the best shape I have been for many years. Over three months my second blood results also read as not having an under active thyroid and my cholesterol is now down from 6.4 to 4.3.”

Leo- 2023 client

FAQ’s – Genetic testing & metabolic conditions


How do genetics factor into metabolic conditions?

As a qualified nutrigenomics practitioner, I am passionate about nutrigenomics as a tool to help us personally understand how our bodies, why we react to eat in a certain way, are predisposed to certain eating habits and patterns, put on more weight than our friends or not! And lastly our predisposition to disease risk. The comforting factor is that just because you could have risk to something like high cholesterol, by understanding this and knowing what to do in terms of diet and lifestyle you can mitigate that risk and not get cholesterol problems.

What is a Metabolic Genetic test going to show me?

A Metabolic Genetic Test would tell you your predispositions to specific conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, inflammation, mitochondrial health, how you process fats and carbohydrates and the best way for you to eat. But more importantly with an interpretation of the results, practical strategies to optimise your metabolic health.

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