Men’s Health Package

Here at Therapeutic Kitchen the Men’s Health Package is suitable for any man who has health issues or concerns.

Men’s health package

At Therapeutic Kitchen I work with a lot of men to improve their health issues and concerns.

Here are some of the some of the areas I cover, as well as more general gut issues, weight loss and weight gain which can be seen in my other packages:

Cardiovascular Health

  • Have you recently found out that you have high cholesterol levels and have been told you need to go onto statins?
  • Are you struggling with weight gain especially around the middle and finding it difficult to shift?
  • Do you have a family history of heart conditions such as CVD, heart disease or stroke and are worried about your own disease risk?
  • Do you have a family history of raised blood pressure and feel that your diet and lifestyle maybe putting you at risk?
  • Have you been told by your GP you have a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver, prediabetes or insulin resistance and need to change your diet and lifestyle to improve your condition?
  • Is gout restricting you from enjoying everyday life?

Hormonal Health

  • Are you feeling a lack of lustre for life, a lack of energy and motivation?
  • Do you suffer with low libido or are you worried about a change in body shape?
  • Do you have disrupted sleep from getting up in the night to pee?
  • Do you have a family history of prostate issues and want to protect your own prostate health through diet and lifestyle measures?
  • Are you suffering with acne, rosacea, psoriasis or any other skin conditions?
"I am maybe not your typical Therapeutic Kitchen client but nevertheless I found working with Jane fascinating and it has helped me get to a point where I am in more control of my health than ever before. My aim was to eat a more healthy and beneficial diet based on my body type and stress levels whilst maintaining my weight for my sports-based active lifestyle"
Ian H
2022 Client

What’s included in the Men’s Health package?

The Men’s Health Package offers:

  • A 75 minute initial consultation held over zoom to review your symptoms, goals and detailed review of your health history, symptom onset, current diet and lifestyle, so that we can work out the best plan and approach to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly follow up sessions on zoom, where we catch up, discuss your progress and make adjustments to your plan going forward. I will also review your food diary and give you more food or recipe recommendations to keep you motivated.
  • A comprehensive personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to support you correcting the underlying imbalances contributing to your health issues and health goals. This will be updated as we go.
  • Personalised Meal Plans, recipe packs and food lists specifically designed to support you improve your health issues and to suit your tastes and lifestyle commitments. (this includes dairy free, plant based or omnivore)
  • An understanding of what may have caused your symptoms and how to prevent further symptoms reoccurring in the future.
  • A personalised supplement prescription, updated as we work together if required to support improve your symptoms whilst we work on your diet.
  • Access to practitioner only supplements when applicable use of my practitioner discount.
  • Functional testing recommendations if required and interpretation of results and analysis of any existing tests results that you may have.
  • Access to my online client portal where you will be able to access your plan, handouts and keep food and lifestyle journals through an easy to use app.
  • You will also be able to ask questions between appointments through app and receive feedback on journals
vitamin d testing
"Jane’s program has been life changing for me. I feel physically and mentally stronger, happier and take pride in my new appearance after losing 10 kilograms and I am in the best shape I have been for many years. Over three months my second blood results also read as not having an under active thyroid and my cholesterol is now down from 6.4 to 4.3."
Leo D
2023 Client
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