Menopause support package

Menopause Support Package

The Perimenopause and Menopause is such a hot topic at the moment and is a time of transition that all women will go through in just like a second puberty, it is not an illness and shouldn’t be treated like one.

Everybody woman is biologically unique and so is their nutritional requirements to a symptom free menopause journey will be specific to them and their biological makeup.

Your food is your fuel. By nourishing your body with the right foods and understanding lifestyle triggers and how to manage them, you will be emotionally, physically and mentally prepared to take on the symptoms that perimenopause and menopause can throw at you.

How the Menopause Support Package can help you:

I will use my knowledge and understanding of nutritional therapy to lift off the pressure and stress of knowing what to eat to improve your symptoms when going through the menopause. This will be a personalised strategy as individual as you because your body is unique.

With functional medicine, we don’t see a list of symptoms to be ticked off. I will look at the systems in your body to understand where they might be out of balance, how is your diet and lifestyle and environment affecting you.

Listening to how you got here and piecing the jigsaw together and arming you with strategies through nutrition, habits and exercise to rebalance your body so your symptoms improve long-term.


Things I have heard my  peri-menopausal clients say before they start working with me:


 “I thought I was going mad”

“I was forgetting things, especially at work”

“I was word searching in meetings”

“I felt anxious despite never in my life suffering from anxiety before”

“I was snipey at home, feeling angry at everyone”

“I was losing my temper with my kids”

“I was ‘super-tired’ by 4 pm but wide awake at 4 am”

“Weight not shifting off tummy and hips”

How does it work and what’s included in this package?

  • Book your 20 minute free discovery call to speak to me and discuss your health goals and understand which package is right for you to reach your health goals.
  • Access to your own private portal where you can access your notes, nutrition plans and recipes.
  • You will complete an extensive medical and health questionnaire so that I can gain a full understanding of you and your menstrual history, hormone tolerance – contraceptives, pregnancies, IVF, fertility issues, sexual history and STDs, surgical gynaelogical history and personal and family cancer history. 
  • I will ask you to complete a 5-day food journal on your portal
  • We will book an initial 75-minute consultation on zoom to discuss your questionnaire, your lifestyle, stressors and commitments, symptoms and patterns. 
  • I will prepare a Personalised holistic health plan covering nutrition, movement, sleep, hormonal support, possible supplements, and possible recommendations for functional and genetic testing if needed.
  • Over the course of your 12 weeks plan we will work on your diet and lifestyle to improve your symptoms. 
  • I will provide you with shopping tips, pantry hacks, recipes, meal plans and handouts to keep you motivated,  support habit changes and diet changes to support your health goals.
  • An instant messenger tool is available so you can keep in touch in between appointments to ask questions and check in.
  • I will give you strategies to navigate around social event and holidays so you don’t feel you are missing out. 
  • Links and strategies to resources and recommendations to gently introduce the right type of movement and exercise for you to reach your health goals.
  • Test interpretation of any genetic and functional tests carried out during your plan.
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