Ann – East Sussex

“I was unsure if I would have the commitment and willpower to see the programme through but Jane made everything achievable for me.

It has been a very educational journey about my relationship with food. Particularly learning about the importance of more colour on my plate by varying veg and fruit.”

Ian – Buckinghamshire

“I was first introduced to Therapeutic Kitchen when I saw Jane promoting her sessions on social media. We have an obvious CVD issue in our family and although I am fit, play sport 3-4 times a week and considered I was eating a healthy diet there have been signs during the last 10 years that I too could be susceptible to the same CVD issue. Working with Jane was great. Jane has a quite unique skill of being able to combine her knowledge of nutrition with a clear scientific understanding. Through the DNA test we were able to identify the offending gene (in my case a deficiency in the production of HDL-good cholesterol) and adapt a programme to ‘fill the gap’. Jane’s style is empathetic and yet at the same time you do feel you are also being held accountable. Two qualities that are vital for change. 

I now have a clear plan to move forwards. This has not only helped me but I have been able to share our findings with my immediate family who can now go through the same process if they wish.”

Emma – Kent

“I started seeing Jane at Therapeutic Kitchen because I had bloating and stomach pains. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition because I read a lot and research online but I now realise I was getting myself more and more confused as I though everything applied to me.

Jane has created a really simple plan, which, when I’ve put it into place, I feel so much better! My bloating has gone, I’m not having afternoon energy slumps and I just know how to eat and feel tons better.

I have found it SO helpful and have seen big differences in a short amount of time. Thank you Jane!”

Conny – Middlesex

“Being vegan, I want to make sure I get the right nutrients and supplements for a healthy living. I can only highly recommend Jane who is very approachable and so knowledgeable. She takes her time to explain everything so it is easy to understand.”

Heather – Yorkshire

“As a menopausal woman who has struggled with a myriad of irritating symptoms & weight gain I was concerned that the changes that I might need to make would be difficult to slot into my life. That my eating (& drinking) might be restrictive, that I would be cooking two different meals and that it would make socialising difficult.

In reality all the changes I need to make were small & fitted right into my life & my family love the all new recipes & food that we are eating. 

Jane has given me the inspiration and the tools to make alterations to my lifestyle without having to make drastic changes. Her advice & guidance has made a big difference to how I feel. I feel so much better, my clothes fit better and I am finally sleeping better than I have since I hit the menopause. “

Clare H – West Sussex

“I have suffered from migraines and headaches for a number of years and nothing seemed to work so I decided to make an appointment with Jane. I also wanted to review and improve my overall health and diet.

My main goal was finding a solution to the regular and debilitating migraines that were having a significant impact on my life.

The initial consultation was really detailed and comprehensive. Jane went through a detailed history, right from birth to current day. We also discussed health issues within my family. Jane asked lots of questions to ensure that she was able to build up a really detailed picture of my history and lifestyle. She asked questions in a sensitive and empathic way and make me feel really comfortable. Jane also considered my food diary and provided some really useful tips on how to improve certain aspects of my diet. The nutrition and lifestyle plan that Jane provided me with was clear, detailed and really helped me to make important changes to my daily life.

Previously, I have visited my GP on a number of occasions but otherwise I had not tried anything else.

It was really helpful to have a plan in place as this helped me to focus on the key areas of my diet and lifestyle that I wanted to work on and improve. Jane recommended a number of supplements for me and these have been hugely beneficial and have made a real difference to my overall health and well-being.

It was really important to have a follow up meeting with Jane six weeks after the initial appointment. This was an opportunity to review and measure any progress made and to discuss longer term strategies.  It also gave me a chance to discuss with Jane any questions I had or any issues that had cropped up during the previous 6 weeks.

I have seen a huge improvement in my health following my consultations with Jane.

I would describe my experience working with Jane as informative, positive, illuminating

I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone considering seeing a nutritionist to take the plunge and make an appointment! Jane has a huge wealth of knowledge and is incredibly kind and compassionate in the advice and guidance that she provides. I learnt a huge amount from both of my sessions with Jane and she helped me to implement changes which have made a really positive difference to my life.”

Lara Z – London

“I have struggled with symptoms of stomach cramps, digestion issues, irregular sleep, anxiety, aches and pains and crazy mood shifts for the last 6 years and never knew the direct cause of these problems. I had also been on multiple antibiotics for tonsillitis in the last few years and never thought I needed to make a change. 

After struggling for years with these symptoms and accepting them, I realised it wasn’t normal to deal with everything I had been dealing so I decided it was time to do something about it. I was recommended to speak to Jane to try sort these issues out. We first had an initial consultation where I filled out multiple forms asking me about all my symptoms, lifestyle choices and eating patterns. After a long chat and an examination of my food intake, we came to the decision that I needed to be put on a specialised meal plan with supplements that Jane tailored for me. We agreed what support I needed in addressing my symptoms and I learnt how interconnected all my struggles with mood, anxiety, food sensitivities and sleep were.

I chose the 3 month meal plan which included food coaching, meal plans and recipes. It has been amazing so far, I have actually been trying new recipes after eating the same, bland things all the time out of fear of intolerances. I eat full nutritious meals so I don’t crave sugary snacks anymore (which I craved a LOT). My moods have been much more balanced out because of this and so has my sleeping, I have noticed my skin has started to slowly clear up and am loving the ease of having a list of recipes/ set meal plan to follow everyday. 

It was a struggle the first few days to break out of the cycle of snacking constantly on sugary things because I constantly felt low on energy, but now I’m over a month in I have no desire to reach for such unhealthy, damaging foods. I’ve found great alternatives when I do want something sweet and don’t have to worry about how it will affect me.

After suffering in silence for so long and burying my head in the ground, this food coaching with Jane has actually changed my life completely. I never thought I had problems with eating/ never needed to try tricky diets and always thought I was relatively healthy, this has been the most positive and eye-opening journey for me. I now rarely struggle with my previous symptoms and have seen a massive change in my digestion, energy levels, moods and general health while also learning what I can/ can’t eat along the way with support from Jane. 

If you are someone like me who has avoided their symptoms and have struggled in silence, I can tell you first hand it is not worth it! And after so much attentive help, support and guidance from Jane my life has dramatically improved with healthy habits I intend on carrying on into the future.

Thank you so much Jane!!”

V Underdown – Kent

“I needed to review my diet to ensure that I eat as healthily as possible to reduce discomfort in my abdomen.

Jane is a lovely lady who will listen to you and not try to push you down a route that you do not want to take.”

Maria – Kent

“I was recommended to Jane by a friend and she was telling me that she would be able to help with all the issues that I was having. 

Broken sleep, eczema on my leg, constipation, menopausal symptoms, lack of libido and random food allergies. 

I had a gut test which identified what Jane suspected, that I had histamine issues. She recommend a low histamine diet with supplements and within 2 weeks I noticed massive improvements. 

I also did the 6 week package which taught me what I should be doing with my diet for health. 

My skin looks incredible and I have people telling me that I look well. I’m so happy. Thank you Jane for all your help and incredible knowledge. “

Lauren – West Sussex

“I had fallen out of love with healthy eating and to be honest got stuck in a complete rut of endless carb-heavy meals and no real diversity to what I was putting in my body. I was experiencing a variety of IBS symptoms as well as bloating, brain fog, low energy and generally felt lethargic most of the time. I also noticed my 30 year old metabolism was not quite what it used to be.

Using the analysis from my genetic and gut tests, Therapeutic Kitchen have quite literally changed my life. Not only has my nutrition plan completely eradicated all my symptoms but it’s changed the way I think about food. I no longer associate food with calories and instead think of food as natural medicine and fuel for my body.

The great thing is by having the tests we were able to really work on what my individual needs are. For example, my body has a hard time absorbing certain vitamins so I need to have a lot more carrots and sweet potato in my diet. It also hates saturated fat and gluten so I have completely cut this out (90% of the time!)

It hasn’t just been one thing I’ve done that’s got me here. It’s a combination of dedication, personalised nutrition and advice from Therapeutic Kitchen on what pre/probiotics and good quality vitamins to introduce into my daily routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very wary about whether it would all be worth the time and money and after a lot of research I decided Therapeutic Kitchen were the right people for me.

And to anyone who says it’s a waste of money I say; well you wouldn’t think twice about having to fix something on your car so why are we all so reluctant to invest in our body and well-being.

I would like to say a big thank you to Therapeutic Kitchen for all your help and support both physically and mentally and I look forward to working with you again on my ‘preparation for a baby’ plan – eek!”

Margit – Kent

“After paying thousands of pounds and wasting years to try and get help for my health issues, I found Jane in desperation.

We did all the necessary tests and I learnt that I had been taking medication for health conditions that I never had and that doctors have missed the very important vitamin deficiencies and markers that slowly made my health worse.

We started with pulsing to build up my gut health, boost the good and to get rid of the bad bacteria. With time, all of my symptoms improved and today I feel 90% better than I have for many years. I am very grateful for the knowledge and help that Therapeutic Kitchen provided, not only did I become more aware, I was able to get my entire family to eat better and feel better through the process.

Jane is lovely and I would recommend TK to anybody.”

John D – Epsom

“I came to see Jane as I was having issues with trying to lose weight. I needed support with weight management and also a combination of minor health ailments including headaches, stress management and exercising strategy.

I was having difficulties in obtaining a sustainable healthy food regime to assist in weight loss and the content of my diet was lacking direction and results.

After my initial consultation, I felt extremely positive with a clear and concise direction in a new lifestyle regime including (diet) planning.  A clear plan laid out with manageable suggestions and goals, making changes but with easy to follow recipes and substitutes.  I feared that I would have the feeling of hunger between meals, but happy to say that this never happened!

I had tried diet plans previously but because there was no proper guidance and supervision, I soon fell back into ‘old’ habits and diet.  Minor changes which did not produce lasting results and placed too much emphasis on exercising for results.

The change in meal planning worked very well, clear and easy to follow recipes making planning simple, with great achievements and without the onset of hunger.  Headaches almost non-existent.

My follow-up appointment was six weeks later and was really useful to review the results of the previous consultation and to keep me focused.

I feel I have achieved my health goals, I believe a slow but positive regime is the answer!

If I was to describe my experience seeing Jane as a Nutritional Therapist I would say:

Engaging – Professional – Enlightening 

If someone else was considering seeing a nutritionist, my advice would be that a health review is very useful and insightful to establish underlying health concerns.  We assume that we know what we should be eating, however, without guidance, this is a misconception!”

Bita Z – Twickenham

“I had been feeling very exhausted , depressed and had all manner of aches and pains. I also have an autoimmune condition. When I spoke with Jane and gave her all the details she  recognised immediately that my body may not be absorbing vitamins due to my autoimmune conditions. She put me on specific types of minerals and multivitamins and advised me on my diet. Her treatment plan has changed my life in that I no longer feel constantly exhausted, my mood has improved dramatically, my sleep is much improved in quality and I don’t need to nap at all during the day. I can work a full day without feeling shattered and lethargic. My skin has improved so much I no longer suffer from spots which have plagued me for a long time and my nails have for the first time in years become strong and do not split at all. Thank you Jane I am truly grateful to you.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help advice and treatment in the past few months.”

P Spara

“I made an appointment to see Jane for two issues that I was having  – irritable skin around the face and my daily energy levels. I wanted to achieve healthier skin and a more consistent level of energy and motivation during the days.

The consultation was very comfortable and pleasant. We talked a lot about my lifestyle and background and you formed a bespoke plan for me. I was happy that the plan was easily achievable and quite enjoyable in itself. I was able to introduce it to my daily life easily.

I have spoken to GP’s in the past regarding skin flare-ups with some success in treating the symptoms but never really digging into the source of the problem. For that reason, I was never fully resolved.

The nutrition and lifestyle plan felt good from the start. The balanced diet had an immediate impact on levelling my blood sugar and making me feel satisfied, so I stopped having ups and downs during the day. Overall, my skin also feels more consistently healthy and I can certainly feel a difference over the weeks since starting the plan.

The follow up was very useful for me. Having put the original plan in action, I now had some practical experience with it and the meeting allowed me to dig deeper into some details and practices. We also tweaked it slightly based on my feedback and I received some additional useful material.

I saw a clear positive difference with the plan and felt that we achieved what we aimed for.

Consulting a nutritionist is such an eye opening experience. Once you start to consider how the things we eat and our environment influence our bodies and mind, and how individual these effects can be, you quickly realise the importance of nutrition to every aspect of our lives. It really is one of those things that you think “why didn’t I do this long time ago!?”

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