100 g Wild Garlic
 50 g Grated Parmsean
 50 g Toasted Pine Nuts
 Olive Oil
 Fresh Lemon Juice
 Salt & Pepper
Here is our super seasonal Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe. This is a staple in our household during Wild Garlic season. Wild garlic is a close relative of onions and garlic, and gives off a strong and attractive garlic smell. The green leaves are best picked when they are young. Wild garlic flowers are also edible and can look pretty added to salads and other dishes. It can be whipped up into a delicious soup, used to make flavoured salt or butter or make a delicious pesto (recipe below), to name a few. We have even used the flowers in pasta dough.

1. Thoroughly wash your wild garlic and place in a food processor, blitz until fairly well broken up.


2. Add your parmesan and process further, to help you break down the garlic leaves.


3. Add your toasted pine nuts. Once the nuts are added you’ll want to add the olive oil little by little until you reach your desired consistency.


4. Add salt, pepper and lemon to taste.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

If you love a pesto-pasta dish but follow a gluten-free diet, we recommend trying a ‘courgetti’ recipe instead. See one of our favourites here.

Please be mindful of protecting nature and look online for guidelines on how to forage responsibility.

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