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With recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and how to guides


We will happily continue to prepare meal plans for you or the other option is recipe collections that are specifically designed to meet your health goals.  Please speak to Ramin for further details on available options.

Yes definitely, we will always take into account your likes/dislikes and any preferences or allergies or dietary requirements. 

Absolutely! If you have a family or partner, we will happily look at how a meal plan can work for all of you. It’s so important to keep everyone happy! 

If you lead a busy lifestyle, we are realistic about what time you have in the kitchen and will plan for that. Everyone’s lives are different so the focus will be on you in putting the meal plan together. 

Some clients enjoy having meals plans as they come with full notes, recipes and shopping lists and they don’t need to worry about the nutritional intake as everything has already been specifically calculated for them. This helps them build up their own personalised recipe repertoire. When they feel confident enough, we then suggest moving to two weekly recipe collections which we design especially for you. This is always an alternative to meal plans for clients who would just prefer personalised recipes packs. 

If you know you are going out on a certain day, we will leave that meal out. If you do something spontaneous, it really doesn’t matter if you miss a meal. 

We will always ask you to complete a comprehensive food questionnaire which we will talk through with you. When we present your plan to you we will discuss it and amend anything you don’t like. All of our recipes have at least a couple of options on ingredients so there is lots of flexibility. 

If you need more support than just our meal planning service, then we would recommend you book in for an initial and follow-up consultation with Jane. If you need more longer-term support on a one-to-one basis we have several nutrition and food coaching plans available. 

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