GrowBaby is a genetic test for mum-to-be

Designed to help you better understand the functioning of key biological pathways that influence maternal and fetal health, and how these relate to the major birth phenotypes.

The report provides valuable insights into how you can optimise health outcomes for mum and baby using gene-based personalised diet, supplement, and lifestyle interventions.


When should I take this test?

Preconception and the perinatal time period provide a unique opportunity to establish the foundations for optimum health and development across the lifespan. Targeted interventions, using insights from a genetic test, can optimise the health of the mother, supporting a healthier pregnancy, and resulting in transgenerational health and resilience.

This  GrowBaby Gene Panel looks at 44 SNPS in 27 genes involved in 11 key biological processes associated with maternal and fetal health outcomes.

This test can be done pre-pregnancy in preparation or during the pregnancy.