Our Food Philosophy

Learn more about some of the principles that form the basis of our food philosophy.

Vegetables play a star role in our recipes

We want to encourage the idea of eating with the seasons and ‘Eating a Rainbow’. Our recipes are based on the Mediterranean diet framework, but incorporate World flavours taking into account the nutritional values of the ingredients we use. We know not everyone loves cooking or has the time to spend hours preparing meals so our recipes are not complicated nor time consuming. Our emphasis will always be on freshness, do-ability, great flavours and traditional ways of food preparation that have been lost in the age of fast, processed and packaged foods. 

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We love the
Mediterranean diet

Not only because the Mediterranean diet is delicious and incredibly tasty, it is also the most researched diet framework on the planet. Many studies have shown its long-term health and optimum weight benefits compared to any other diet. This is because it’s based on eating low Glycemic Index Foods (GI) that tend to be much higher in fibre and releases sugar much more slowly. This will help keep the weight off and halve the risk of developing diseases such as Diabetes Type 2 and reduce the risk of developing Cancer. More excitingly it will keep your brain in good shape and slow down the ageing process.


Quality organic meats

We use quality organic meats, mainly to add flavour or for therapeutic use – not as the main focus of the dish.

Our recipes showcase pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, seafood and plenty of plant-based healthy oils, herbs and spices. Our focus is always on good foods, rather than calories, and we’re always low on sugars and starchy carbs.

Remember that whatever calories you put in your mouth, the mix of microbes in your gut will help decide on what proportion is absorbed. And foods can behave differently depending on how you prepare them and what you eat them with. 

Fermented foods

We love making fermented foods as they are so good for us and take us back to our childhood where preparing them seasonally was a social event. Although we don’t use a lot of dairy in our recipes, we do have our favourite Kefirs, homemade live yoghurts, delicious unpasteurised cheeses (fermented) and occasional dollops of crème fraiche!

Our goal is to eliminate the confusion, and help you make simple food choices for a healthier, better you, to put you back in control of your health.

If you’re ready to make this happen, we would love to guide you.

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